Native mobile app is not running locally!

Hi There,   Just getting started to build the native mobile app. After following up this documentation, tried running the app locally. But eventually ended up with the following error.   C:\Program Files\Mendix\\modeler\tools\node\node.exe "C:\Program Files\Mendix\\modeler\tools\node\node_modules\react-native\local-cli\cli.js" start --port "8083" --config "D:\Codebase\Mainline\deployment\native\metro.config.json" --reactNativePath "C:\Program Files\Mendix\\modeler\tools\node\node_modules\react-native"   Let me know what went wrong!. Thanks.
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Even i faced the problem, this was a strange error. After a while, i noticed my  project folder name had special characters. So when application start, node package is build, so it couldn’t able to locate properly. So it throws an error saying ‘(node:21264) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory’. 

Remove the special characters from project folder name and give a try. It would work. 


I don't think this will solve your problem, but it is one thing I would try first: switch the port back to 8080.