How to add dynamically tabs on Native mobile app?

Hi guys   I am wondering how I can set up a “dynamic tab pages" in stead of the "fixed tab pages” of Mendix (fixed= amount of tabs are hardcoded). What I want to reach is to show a category as a tab within the products of that category AND where can scroll horizontally on the tabs. I am aware that I can get a list view and per list view Item i can retrieve the products, but that woul cost me a lot of css I am afraid. So therefore wondering to another simpler workaround to change the tab pages of a tab container. Anyone an idea?      
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UPDATE: I made a working version of this! RepositoryWidget Download.

I’m sure it needs a bunch of properties added to it, and you can’t style the widget at all at the moment. But, it works!

Original Answer:

The best way to do this is to create a pluggable widget that uses repeating containment. In Studio Pro, the widget would get configured with:

  • A list of objects
  • A blank canvas where you can design a tab in the tab bar
  • A blank canvas where you can design the contents of a tab


This would be a great addition for the community! The Mendix tab container uses react-native-tab-view, so it would be best to base your widget on that component.

Here are some resources to get you going: