iOS Apps must support Sign in with Apple feature by June 30, 2020

Hello, I received an email from Apple regarding my mobile app stating that all iOS apps must support  Sign in with Apple by June 30, 2020.  How would we go about making this adjustment with our phonegap application?   Here is the email below: Sign in with Apple makes it easy for users to sign in to your apps and websites using the Apple ID they already have. Users love the simplicity and privacy of Sign in with Apple, and many developers are seeing improved adoption rates as a result. And now, it’s even simpler to implement this feature and communicate with your users. Please note that all apps that authenticate or set up user accounts must support Sign in with Apple if required by guideline 4.8 of the App Store Review Guidelines. New apps must follow guideline 4.8 and Human Interface Guidelines on Sign in with Apple starting April 30, 2020. App updates must follow these guidelines starting June 30, 2020.
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