Mapping the entries of two different lists

Hello everybody, I am new here and have a serious problem. I hope that anybody can help me with this. My problem: I have two lists. List1 “Testcases” (here are much testcases stored) List2 “Testspec” (this list is used to store testspecifications. Each testspec has several testcases.) My problem is: How can I add testcases to a testspec with using the associations from mendix? Do I have to set my own keys and seperate mapping_tables to get this? In the web-app it looks very easy but such forms are not available at native apps. Here a picture of the domain model Best regards Tobias
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If you have a dataview of a ttestspec you can put inside a grid with testcases. You can use over reference to fill that datagrid. When you put a new button in the datagrid it will automaticly create the association for you.




Missed the native mobile part. Create a listview of Testspec. In the listview of Testspec create a button to show the dataview of testspec. Inside this dataview create another listview with Testcases. Above the dataview you can add a button to create new Testcases. You will see that reference are automaticly created this way.


What you want to get can be accomplished by placing a list view in a list view. 

As you can see the second list view gets its datasource over association from the Parent.


Hi Ronald,

thank you for your answer. Unfortunatelly there is no datagrid widget at native apps (or do i have to implement it manually?)

I have a listview which shows me all testspecs. When I select one entry i pass this object to a page but all i can do there with it, is display in a data view.

Is there a  workaround? Or can i mix this with a hybrid page?




I have tried it now with two dataviews. one receives the testspec object and the other should search via the constraints. It looks now like this:

Why does it not show the association between testcases and testspec?


Thank you very much Ronald and Tim!

Guys like you make the life of newbies much easier.

I have one more little question regarding the page where I can add a new testcase to the testspec:

How is it possible to show here a list with all the testcases and checkboxes to fill the testspec with cases?

Currently, there is a dataview with page parameter and an input form. But that would mean, I always have to generate new testcases and can’t reuse the “old” ones


The most logical way for mapping testcases to the testspec is with this construct:

I get the object with the dataview and put a list view with the testcases in it. the list view has the “save” event onClick.

Somehow this does not work.

Should i make a new thread?



I can’t see my image which i attached to the post.

If you can’t see it as well it is here on dropbox again: