How to show (resize) 3 images in webview besides each other in a row of native list view?

Hi   In our native app i want to have a list view with per row 3 small images besides each other without any padding like: [li1][img1][img2][img3] | some text [li2] [img1][img2][img3] | some text ... Seen I don't want to persist the images I am using the webview component and in order to show them besides each other I have to resize the images (I am afraid), but unfortunately I was not able to resize the images by changing the React UI properties of container/ wondering how I can resize the images and show it as 3 besides each other? Anyone a working solution without persisting the images? Or is the only way to persist and resize the images?
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You could do something inbetween, maybe. By using JAM Commons, there is a JAVA Action to Resize Images. So whatever users will upload, you could process it with a microflow using the javaaction which produces a resized copy of the image that you can use in the list views.

Regards, Boris