Is it possible to have multiple user role specific runtime timeout settings?

Hi   In order to optimize concurrent usage conform our license I am wondering whether it could be possible to have multiple runtime session timeouts based on the user roles? We have anonymous users on the native app and web users for the web app. Since both are counting for concurrent usage I want that the app users who are anonymous are terminated much faster then logged in users. I was wondering whether it is possible to have multiple runtime settings based on the user role? Or should I build some mechanism in the app determining the usage and then killing the session from a microflow or so? Thanks
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From multiple of my environments I see the following under the environment details:

Anonymous users are counted separately and do not count towards your concurrent users limit.

So I think the assumption that you made that anonymous users take up the concurrent usage limit is incorrect. There is no way to set the session time out per user role, this is a default setting for all users.