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Send DB Node CPU Usage Metric to DataDog


According to the documentation[1], the Database Node CPU Usage, found under Metrics in the Mendix Platform, is not a currently supported metric that can be sent to DataDog. Mendix Support suggested that we come here to request this metric to become a supported metric for DataDog, to ensure a clearer picture of the database health.
We had an instance in May where the DB node CPU usage was capped at 100% for a long period of time [2]. We would like to create monitoring and alerting around this to ensure it is resolved immediately, if it happens again.

[2] Screenshot of maxed CPU usage below, example of what we would like to see in DataDog:

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also one of the key metrics for us!


This would certainly help us to be more proactive.  Infinitely better than waiting for customers to complain about performance.