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Access Locally-Generated-MxNative-Logs in the Cloud


Dear Mendixers,

When developing a native app, sometimes you get an error in the client that is not propagated to the Mendix server; e.g. this happens when the client has no connection to the Mendix server. This can happen for a variety of reasons, e.g. because of hosting issues with an on-premises install.

When these issues arise, the client will only say “An error occurred, please contact your administrator” – However, in my opinion, any locally-created logs should always be propagated back to the main Mendix server. There are plenty of third-party services that provide exactly this kind of service. Currently, while developing a Native app, the developer often faces situations where an indescript error is pushed to the surface in the client, but no details can ever be retrieved via logs.

I propose that any and every Mendix Native client can directly connect to an independent logging service (of course, if the device is connected, or connects at a later time), place that important log there, and the service will then propagate the log to the appropriate Mendix cloud/on-premise log service. Likewise, any client-created logs can become accessible to the developer. It will help greatly when figuring out difficult connectivity issues.

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