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Add customization options to Alerting thresholds


Unfortunately, it's not possible at the moment to set a custom threshold percentage per alert type. The only way to stop receiving a specific alert is to toggle off ALL alerts, which is not a desirable solution. The reason for this is that we don't want to receive ‘critical alerts’ for apps that we know are not critical.
E.g. the Application Container Memory-alert sends a critical alert message when the threshold of 95% has been surpassed, but we are aware of this and it is not a problem in for many of our apps. Hence we would like to set the threshold ourselves to 98% for example. 

We would like to see customization options for Alerts, like:

1. Set our own thresholds for each type of alert, e.g. the option to set a threshold of 99% for the "Application Container Memory Percentage"-Alert.
2. Making it possible to toggle off alerting per type of alert.



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