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Automatic snapshots of running now and cache data


Sometimes while debugging you can see something weird has happened but there is no sign which action was running at a specific time.

It would be very useful to have a functionality in the cloud environment that takes snapshots of the 'running now' and 'cache' tab so you can see at a later time what actions have run at certain moments in the past.

Preferably, you could also set the frequency at which the snapshots are taken, or turn them off completely.

To make the implementation easier, the data could just be added to the server log. 

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Changing the loglevel from INFO to TRACE of the lognode 'MicroflowEngine' will give insights in all microflows and actions that where running. However, enabling the 'MicroflowEngine' generates a lot of logging. 

There is also a APM module available in the Mendix Appstore that can help you monitoring performance and issues. This module includes a traptool that will give detailed trace information just before an error occurs. This trace information gives some more context of what was happening just before the error occurred. The APM module also includes a statistics tool that will give insights in microflow performance overtime. This will help determine the most heaviest microflows in the application.