Analysing Java memory usage

We currently have an environment that runs at close to max usage of it’s 1gb memory and instead of adding more memory, we are looking to try and optimise the system – there’s definitely room for improvement! The problem is the system is huge and we’re unsure where to start. What I’d like to be able to do is run some diagnostics and find where all the memory is being used up, on which page loads or in which microflows. Are there any tools that can help me do this? Whether it’s a Mendix tool or something else that can help, anything would be great! Also, has there been any noticable increase in memory usage with the newer Mendix versions? Or has it been improving, even? Cheers.
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The question you are asking is very broad and answer is subjective to the app and causes of issue.

This topic has been discussed multiple times in the forum. 

Please check in the old forum topics for suggestions. 

But to start with I could suggest the following

  1. Jvisualvm → this comes out of the box with java
  2. Eclipse Memory analyzer


Both of the above tools help you with heap dumps analysis.