How to set Log nodes

Hi all, How should I set the log node name? In the Mendix document below, it says to create log node name as “microflow expression” on one side and as “constant value” on the other side. Which should I believe? The document also says to send an initial message to custom log nodes in an ‘after startup microflow ’.  Does that mean I have to create an Entity for log nodes and use retrieve and change object activity to send an initial message? or How should I set either Mendix default or created original log nodes?
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- It is better to use Enumerations to define the log node name

- With your ASU microflow, you can initialize the log nodes that is defined. 

- Go through the advanced learning path: Please go through the advanced learning:

- They have also explained why a constant should not be used for log node names

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Most importantly is that you define a log node name in a single place, such that you can change it later.
My preference is to use a submicroflow for logging  and define the lognode name in a variable.
This prevents your constants tab from being cluttered.

Furthermore, a custom lognode only appears in the lognode list after a first log message is generated.
So if you want to be able to configure the loglevel after the start of the application, you have to write a log message using the lognode name in the startup microflow.