How do I see the Metrics (Running now) if the app is in the virtual private cloud?

In the Mendix Cloud we could see the "Running Now" section under the "Metrics" section. There we could see the list of running microflows, see the stack of tasks, and stop/kill those microflows.  Is there a possibility to somehow do it in our own cloud? I know there’s an REST API available within every application by default (I need to configure the M2EE password only) so that we could monitor and meter its microflows/processes. Is it the only way? Or might be there already some tool/app/service created for such needs?
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Mendix has something called APM, which is a paid service.

You could configure APM in your application and add your application to that APM portal.

This will given you much more information on a fine grained level.

- Which microflow

- Which activity

- What is causing performance issues etc.


This one from memory because currently I have no longer Mendix application running on premise. But if I recall correctly when logging into those systems with m2ee you could issue an command to see which microflows are running and stop those. I never used a private cloud but my assumption would be that m2ee is available there also. For the documentation see github:





Just wanted to mention that APM has been renamed to APD
Application Performance Monitoring and you can find it here