What is the exact difference between Database Node Disk Usage and Application Node Disk Usage

We have an application and it tends to bloat in size over time.  We designed a daily cleanup and this keeps the ‘Database node disk’ nice and tidy. The ‘Application Node Disk’ gets only partially cleaned and continues to bloat, albeit in a slower rate. Could someone explain to me what the exact difference is between 'Database Node Disk Usage' and 'Application Node Disk Usage'? Any ideas how the 'Application Node Disk Usage' could continue to increase while the 'Database Node Disk Usage' remaining on the same level? Thanks for your insights!  
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The Database Node Disk is the size of your database while the Application node disk usage is the total size of your whole application (including filedocument space) allthough the V4 cloud still has trouble giving a right value for that. So if you place large files inside your application you will see the application node disk size increase while your database will only marginally grow because it is just one record.
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