Rgraph ( or graph that are similar)

  Hi. I have tried using graphs like Rgraphs and Guage Chart. However, it is always pointing to the minimum value of the graph. I would like the graph to auto display the values taken from sensors. Field4G is an attribute which is connected to a sensor. I did not include any microflow as I do not want to have it display only when it is clicked ( theres also an error saying that it must be boolean). May I know how do I tackle this?
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Hi Andy, 

I developed both widgets. I have also seen an implementation like yours before. What you need to do is:

  1. Create a data view with the value you want to show in the Gauge as on of its attributes
  2. Make sure this data view is refreshed when needed
    1. Can be done with Microflow Timer widget or
    2. Some other microflow logic you implement
  3. In the dataview add the Gauge widget and connect it to the attribute of the data view.
  4. The Gauge widget ‘listens’ to the changed data and should update the Gauge value accordingly



After I posted the question I managed to get the widgets to show the correct sensor values. However, I am still stuck on refreshing the data automatically. I am currently trying to use microflow timer to refresh it but I am facing errors. 


My microflow “callatestfield” is a microflow to connect my IOT platform to Mendix. 



All I did was to add a parameter of Top_2, the Entity “Top_2” are attributes that are connected to the fields in thingspeak. 

May I have some guidelines, preferably with pictures, on how to solve these errors please?


Here is how I would do this. (I would also like to suggest a bit more descriptive naming in your entities and microflows, makes it more confusing to understand)

  1. You should have a data view on the page with some entity A.
  2. Let the microflow timer refresh this entity A every x seconds. 
  3. On this page you have the data view of the gauge chart. Once the parent data view of the page is refreshed by the microflow timer, the datasource microflow of the child gauge data view should also be triggered again
  4. This should refresh (the display of) the widget.