I want to develop a management tool

Hi, I am looking for a software which makes the management of railway line. It is about increasing security, productivity and visibility by digitizing certain operational tasks. These tasks are: • Remote management and access to a site database • Synchronization of our database with other software • The use of data to analyze the important indicators of our activity (forms to be completed) • The integration of a synoptic diagram of a railway line • Operation of the closed line for works (travel instructions (a standard form to be completed)) • Traffic monitoring by real-time geolocation on line diagram from another PC (only in observer mode) • Work reporting (work train arrival time, work zone agreement time, etc.) Thanks
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You would probably be better asking the Professional Services team at Mendix (via your Account Manager) and they should be able to advise on how to proceed. It sounds like there are a lot of business requirements to be gathered before any development can take place.

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Sounds like you need Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe mate.