Searching for a tool for selective reading a downloaded application log

The downloaded application log contains the log lines of all log levels. Critical, error, warning, info, debug, trace. 2021-06-07T04:55:41.023533 [APP/PROC/WEB/0] INFO - Caching: Adding MoaS_Item.SpecialsKeyword to cache. 2021-06-07T04:55:41.025450 [APP/PROC/WEB/0] INFO - Caching: Successfully added 0 objects to entity cache MoaS_Item.SpecialsKeyword version 0. 2021-06-07T05:08:13.270109 [APP/PROC/WEB/0] WARNING - ConnectionBus_Queries: Query executed in 1 seconds and 255 milliseconds: SELECT "moas_item$item"."id", 2021-06-07T05:08:13.270132 [APP/PROC/WEB/0] "moas_item$item"."pnsent", You can read this in any text editor, but does a tool exist that can read those logfiles AND has the option to only show log lines of a selection of the log types. I am primarily interested in anything except the info, but on some occasions, the info lines are relevant too. Only rarely interested in debug or trace (never yet, actually). *Editted* After Ronald’s answer I added that addon to notepad++ (great application), but also (again) searched for a VSCode extension. Found finally what I needed: Now, when clicking on , I get a focus view only showing ERROR and WARNING, and hiding INFO and the lines following INFO (which all have: ‘]   \t ‘ ) If you are interested: in VSCode, after installing the add-on, open the Explorer-sidebar and at the bottom of it you will find a tab ‘Filter’ where you can import these filters:   [{"regexText":"] ERROR","color":"hsl(195, 40%, 40%)","isHighlighted":true,"isShown":true},{"regexText":"] WARNING -","color":"hsl(94, 40%, 40%)","isHighlighted":true,"isShown":true},{"regexText":"] INFO - ","color":"hsl(3, 40%, 40%)","isHighlighted":true,"isShown":false},{"regexText":"] \t","color":"hsl(237, 40%, 40%)","isHighlighted":true,"isShown":false}]  
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Notepad ++ has a plugin Linefilter3 that might be the sollution to your problem.