How to store and retrieve the state of the object for a particular User?

Hello Community! I want a solution, when a user login’s and open/complete’s one of the course and Logout. Again when He came back to that application, how to get the details of his recently viewed and completed courses.  and the course which he left in the middle should start from the point where He left….….  
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Hi Shailaja, and welcome to the community!

It sounds like what you want is to keep track of the user's progress. What does your domain model look like at the moment? 

It would be a good idea to divide your course into several modules or subsections, and keep track of which ones the user has completed and which ones they haven't. That way, you should be able to determine which page to open when the user logs on again. 

The same should count for completely finished courses – if you keep track of those somehow (for instance, with an association), it should be easy to create an overview on the user's homepage of which courses are complete and which aren't.