How to map the Current Executions response from Runtime Statistics

Hi, I want to retrieve the current executions Unfortunately, the mapping of the response seems to be hard. I have two questions regarding this mapping: Do the ID's “202de1e51639ae0” and “bcbb5508-0293-4f12-b290-ee109962811e” represent the "request_id”? If not, where can I get the "request_id” How to map this structure?  I see two problems: I would expect it to be a list, thus the { after feedback key should be a [. How can I solve this easily? the ID's are now the name of an object, but should be a value of an attribute: so instead of “202de1e51639ae0”: { is should be: "request_id”: "202de1e51639ae0" {   { "feedback":{ "202de1e51639ae0":{ "request_duration":106175, "type":"CLIENT", "user":"Anonymous_2ce7c971-f077-4aca-83c5-f3898443ed01", "action_stack":[ { "xpath":"//MyFirstModule.Entity", "amount":1, "depth":0, "offset":-1, "sort":{}, "type":"RetrieveXPathAction" }, { "current_activity":{ "caption":"Retrieve Entity from database", "type":"RetrieveByXPath" }, "name":"MyFirstModule.LoopNested", "type":"Microflow" }, { "current_activity":{ "caption":"LoopNested", "type":"SubMicroflow" }, "name":"MyFirstModule.Loop", "type":"Microflow" } ]}, "bcbb5508-0293-4f12-b290-ee109962811e":{ "request_duration":104776, "type":"CLIENT_ASYNC_MONITORED", "user":"Anonymous_2ce7c971-f077-4aca-83c5-f3898443ed01", "action_stack":[ { "current_activity":{ "caption":"Retrieve Entity from database", "type":"RetrieveByXPath" }, "name":"MyFirstModule.LoopNested", "type":"Microflow" }, { "current_activity":{ "caption":"LoopNested", "type":"SubMicroflow" }, "name":"MyFirstModule.Loop", "type":"Microflow" } ]} }, "result":0 }  
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