How to get the scheduled events details from production environement

I need to see that what are the scheduled job I have in my application and this I can see from the Model Options. In addition to this, I also need to see the timestam on which my scheduled event was executed last and the status of execution i.e. successfully executed or failed like that. I didn’t get the way how to know these details. Can anyone help me how to get these details from production env?
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In your domain model you have the entity ScheduledEventInformation. It has the name of the scheduled event and the start time, end time and also the status. If you use find usage of that entity it will show you the page ScheduledEventInformation. Make sure you can reach that page from your navigation as an admin. This will show you all the details. The status can be Running, Completed, Error or Stopped. So you can filter on Error and it will show you all the scheduled events that did not finish normally. In your Sprintr environment you can decide which scheduled events are activated.

With the deploy API you can retrieve all the scheduled events that are activated also. See the documentation here:
It is in the part  3.13 Retrieve Environment Settings





Check ScheduledEventInformation entity from System module. This will give you the details of when the scheduled event has run. 

To get the list of scheduled events that is configured, I have used MxModelReflection.Microflows and I always name the Scheduled event to start with “SE_”.

So with proper XPATH on Microflows, I was able to get the list of Scheduled events.