How enabled metrics on Mendix kubernetes application?

Hello Mendix Community, Anyone know how to enabled metrics on Mendix kubernetes application? Is necessary to do any aditional configuration?  I have configured a Mendix kubernetes application as statefulset as described on: I also included annotations for metrics:       annotations: /metrics "8900" "true" The pod logs shows that “Metrics are disabled”: - Command: kubectl -n demo3-kube-ns logs demo3kube-0 - Response: (...) INFO - Metrics: Started metrics on Micrometer (...) INFO: MENDIX-INTERNAL: Metrics are disabled. (...)   Best regards and thank you in advance!
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Hi Juliano, 

I think this Mendix doc covers it all:

Kind regards


Hi Erwin,

Thanks, but the Mendix doc you indicated have no mentions to the issue I described.

That document works fine to Mendix for Private Cloud Connected and Standalone. Both solutions have Mendix Operator configured.

My scenario do not have Mendix Operator (see run-mendix-on-kubernetes doc)

Best regards.