How to do Merging of Chart(Mdsp Timeseries chart) in mendix

Hi, I have one task where i have to do merging of charts.In my project all the data is coming from mindsphere and for displaying data i am using mindsphere timeseries chart which is as follows- Here i need to show only required data in a single graph.Can anyone explain what steps needs to be followed to achieve this.I have to use rest property of chart for this but i am not sure how exactly to do this.I have 118 variables and have to show only selected variables.Here i am using mendix version 9.10.1  
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Within the mindsphere timeseries charts you can specify which aspect / variable is shown in the chart via the “variable path” attribute. To do it interactive you could use the “AspectVariable Selector” Widget and connect the output “Variable Path” from the Aspect Variable Selector as input to the timeseries chart.

Or, if no interaction is required you can provide the variable path configuration as a static string. See here how for further details: