Importing Modules/Packages of Higher versions into applications of lower versions of Mendix Studio pro

I am working on an Onboarding application in Mendix studio pro 9.0.5. There is a requirement  to send system generated emails in my application(for eg: if an employee accepts or rejects the offer, a system generated mail should go automatically to the concerned manager). I found that Email Service module would be a right fit for my job. as per the instruction of Intermediate learning path But the problem is that the email service module is based on Mendix version 9.5.0. I am getting an error saying ” the package could not be imported because it was created with a newer version of Mendix” when I try to import  the package in my onboarding application. What could be the solution ??
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You might be able to find an older version of the module in the All Versions tab of the module:


Otherwise, I think you’ll need to upgrade your app.