Continuously high memory usage without activity

Hi,   Last Sunday I received a warning-alert that an application was using 90% memory. On inspecting the trends I noticed the application almost always uses 90% memory (see screenshot below). However, this application is not used in the weekend and I can't find any running processes on first glance. In addition, there's only 1 active queue, and no scheduled events. If I compare this with other applications, this looks like abnormal behaviour.    Any ideas on how to debug this and is this any reason for concern at all?   Thanks
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Hi Yordee,


I have had this issue also with some (older) production apps.

With the given metrics in the Mendix Cloud dashboard I didn't get a clue either.


What helped us was asking Mendix Support via a support ticket.

It seems that we were on some older infrastructure/container setting.


Good luck,