ClusterManagement tasks are not respecting the custom runtime settings

Good morning, We have a very small sandbox env for an app in development that is receiving alerts for low freeable memory from the database server. There isn’t anyone in the environment (and no running now items), so I started looking at other ways to trim the fat on the database (which is ~400MB in a higher env). The vast majority of the space is taken up by the ScheduledEventInformation / ProcessedTask tables. However, the logs state that the ClusterManagement tasks are being scheduled. Is there a log profile that I can use to turn up the verbosity of that feature? I also tried changing the runtime settings to run them more often,, but it’s still scheduled every 5 minutes. Has anyone else run into this?   I should state that the app is running in Mendix Cloud, but the comparison was done with a local backup.   Thanks!
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