WARNING: MENDIX LOGGING: Mendix log filter crashed with return code 0

My application is sending alert every 15 0r 20 minute with “ Index: 0 has high memory usage: 90.0 The log has “ Mendix log filter crashed with return code 0” what is the meaning of it?
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It sounds like the app is using up too much memory.


Questions that pop into my mind:

- Can you pinpoint when it started? Did the app run before without problems and, if so, what changed?

- Do the logs provide any more info? maybe it is possible to pinpoint the process causing it.

- Could there be an endless loop? Too much data generated in the app? A retrieve that is retrieving too much in one go?

- Could the amount of assigned memry be simply too low?

- Would an upgrade to an MTS/LTS version of Mendix fix the issue?


In short: a lot of things to consider. It is like detective work sometimes.


I hope this helps.



@Michiel Arts


Ah, now that i see the full logs it becomes clear to me that my previous advice was incorrect: there is no memory issue, just a warning of something i do not know the cause of.

The app seems to be doing just fine, so there does not seem to be an urgent issue here to worry about.


I you want to know more on the warning, i suggest you create a ticket for Mendix support. Sor far i have seen the question pop up on the forum a few times, but i could not find a satisfactory answer.