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Hello, I would like Mendix to automatically update the widgets on the pages and not have to manually reload the pages. For this I wanted to use a Microflow TImer widget. However, I don't know how to configure it.  I have called the widget within a data view of my microflow RecentVariableValues_M1 This is how I configured it: and this is the error i get: Microflow should have one parameter of type MyFirstModule.RecentVariables (thats the return type entity of the object i am returning in the microflow)   I could really need help with this
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Hi Sophia Maurer,


In Grid2 you have a build in refresh:


If you need to update the status of an object, you could use pusher.


The last resort is to add a HTML/Javascript Snippet that will automatically refresh the window.


The JavaScript for this:

    // Function to refresh the page
    function refreshPage() {

    // Set the refresh interval (15 seconds = 15000 milliseconds)
    setInterval(refreshPage, 15000);


Go Make It


I need to update the status of an object so i tried to use pusher but i get the same error as with the microflow timer widget:

I included it inside of a dataview of a microflow with the return type RecentVariables


The issue that i have with the HTML/Javascript Snippet is that you can see it refresh and also when i am on a subpage, the refresh takes me back to the homepage which i dont want  


Hi Sophia,

Set the RecentVariable object as a Input parameter for the RecentVariablesValues_M2 Microflow and it should return the Boolen value.

Set the Boolen value true to excecute the microflow.

If you want to execute the microflow as repeated one like on every 30 secs,check the below image



Hope it helps!


If I set an object as an input parameter of the microflow i get the following error for all of the dataviews in which i call the microflow: