Get Datadog metrics about Published REST service usage

I’m trying to get an idea of what the capabilities of Datadog are. Starting with a simple example, I’m trying to retrieve some timeseries data on the number of times a resource in a particular REST service is called over the past month. For simplicity let’s say there is a module called ‘PeopleModule’, the name of the service is ‘People’ service and it contains a single resource called ‘Person’ with a single GET method. If I was trying to retrieve the number of times a request was made to the GET /people/person endpoint using Datadog, how would I accomplish this? In following the docs here, I’ve tried using the Metrics Explorer in Datadog to filter for ‘’ metrics from ‘resource:People.Person’, ‘resource:PeopleModule.People.Person’ and ‘resource:Person’ but can’t get the metrics graph to show any data.   It could be I’m querying the data incorrectly, or it could be that this service is never called.
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