Is there also a garbage collector on server-side?

Hi,   Question concerning Garbage Collection. In the Mendix documentation I read that there is no server-side Garbage Collection. " Non-persistable objects in Mendix are not kept in the Runtime Server, but maintained in the Mendix Client. This means there is no server-side garbage collection. This simplifies the handling of objects on the server side because an object will not be garbage collected while it exists on the server. "   In another Mendix doc about Java Memory Usage on JVM I read that memory is cleaned up by minor and major garbage collection. "All data in the Heap only moves to a different segment when the garbage collection executes. We can see a difference between a minor garbage collection run and a major collection run."   So I am wondering how the memory on server-side is cleaned up?  Is there garbage collection on both client and server side? Is the documentation unclear, or do i misunderstand?   Thank you!   Tim  
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this phrasing in the documentation is misleading, if not to say wrong. The Mendix server is java based - with garbage collection.

What they want to say is, that transient data is not stored on the server across multiple calls.

And yes, there's also a separate garbage collection happening in the client.

I hope that clarifies that a bit.

regards, Fabian