Error Handling query

I've got a microflow that contains a sub-microflow. What I need to do is if an error occurs in the sub-microflow that everything up to that point is rolled back. I was reading the documentation and wasn't quite clear on what would be the right way to do this. initially I thought using Custom with Rollback, but then read that the Error End Event was the right way to do this... Or would the default do what is required. Any advise?
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Hi Justin,


that really depends on how you would like it to function / if you want to see the details. 

If the error is not handled (standard functionality) everything will be rolled back, the user will see "An error has occured, contact the system administrator".


However using the "Error Handling – Custom With Rollback" , allows you to write a custom message, with some more detail for the user or for the console log. After which everything is rollbacked.


Basically, everything can be found in this documentation but i get why it is a bit blurry :-)


So step by step:


1. review your microflows on save points

2. adjust error handling to what you need

3. review again the savepoints


As you can see in the documentation a save point is created at the start of an initiated microflow and could also be created when adjust error handling with continue. 


For your case I think the example of  2.2.2 Error Handling Which Ends with an End Event is suitable enough