How to access (Microflow) App Metrics in a Java Action

I'm looking to build a Java action to get the number of times all microflows have been run within a certain timeframe. My goal is to just do some cleanup of unused code/functionality, so I was hoping to just get a rudimentary overview of counts of calling all microflows within an app.   The implementation would look something like: - Find a way to read mx.microflow.time.count (as mentioned in ) - Find a way to know when app has restarted, assuming the above gets reset after restart - Run said Java action in a scheduled event to keep track of how many times they are used   I'm assuming this should be possible without adding a counter to 100's if not 1000's of microflows , as all the APM tools seem to do the same. The documentation on how this can be achieved seems very sparse. I tried clicking around in the ~50 level debug stack in Eclipse, but that's not gonna get me far.   Anyone done something similar? How can I access this mx.microflow.time.count (from Java)? Ideas on how to tell if the app has restarted (from Java)?    
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