Unauthorized when launching Sandbox

I have a business engineer role. When I launch the application from sprintr then I get the following error:    Unauthorized Your account has not been authorized to use this application.  Try again or contact your app administrator if this problem persists   The logs show the following 10:28:26 AM APP INFO OpenID: User 'https://mxid2.mendixcloud.com/mxid2/id?id=bcc474ba-KKKKKKKKKKK-LLLLLL8ad3' does not exist in database. Triggering OnFirstLogin action... No user was created. Rejecting the login request. 10:28:26 AM APP ERROR AppCloudServices: Error while handling OpenID request: Unauthorized: 10:28:26 AM APP INFO Your account has not been authorized to use this application.   What do i need to do to launch the sandbox instance? I have to have it running to demo to a client
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if you're not the creator of the project than you have to let that person authorize you on the app on the url: https://home.mendix.com/home/ and click the tiny (i) of the app icon and let invite you.

I created a blog about sandboxes for demo purposes here: https://www.appronto.nl/over-appronto/blog/creating-a-new-sandbox-environment-for-an-existing-app