RESOLVED: #015 in logs

UPDATE: Support ticket is resolved. The #015 and #011 characters in the log are a side effect of the new syslog program launched on Feb 22. This is a feature of the program and will not be changed. Official reply of Mendix Support: "Replacing ASCII control characters (127 and below 32, mostly invisible control characters, like ESC, backspace, etc) with a #XYZ is a side effect of switching to another syslog program that happened around the 22th of Feb. " ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Original message: Quite some of the rules in our server log seem to be appended with '#015'. Does anybody know what this means? It happens in two different applications and i can't find any reference of this. Example: Feb 24 20:10:36.052 - WARNING - Lorem Ipsum: (1/2) blablablabla#015 EDIT: This bug is most likely related to the new deployment environment, support ticket has been filed. It also appears that lines often start with #011
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Nevermind, googled a little bit and appearantly it's a numeric represntation of \r or 'return'

It just means the message is part of a larger message and it signals for the next line to show. (1/2),(2/2).


I don't think this character should be shown in the server log though, right?