Log history Mendix 7, cloud v4

I have an application (Mx 7.1.1) which is deployed in the Mendix cloud v4. When I look at the cloud environment and want to look at the current log, it only shows a very small number of lines (not enough to view 1 error message in total). When I go to Logs -> Fetch current log, it takes more than a minute to retrieve it. Is there a way to view more of the history when choosing View current log?
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No, but Mendix is aware of the current situation in the V4 cloud. Logs can be reached by going to environments / details / show current log or by going to Logs / Download today's logs. The problem with that version is that all the retrieves are in the logs and makes reading it very hard and that is probably te reason for showing the logs in a new way. Problem is that this view has lag. So when an error occurs it takes a while before it is visible in this view. Mendix is working on performance enhancements because the current situation is not ideal to put it mildly.





Logs are build up until they reach a size of rougly 5 mb. Whenever this treshold is reached, the log is archived and a new one is created. You can then download the archived log to see more history besides the one you see when pressing 'Fetch current log file'.

If you're not sure the whole log is displayed correctly you can also try the pop-out button at the upper richt of the pop-up window. This will open the log in a seperate tab within your browser.