APM - get detailed performance measurements for scheduled event

While using APM I see in the Statistics tool a scheduled microflow taking more time than exepcted. How can I get detailed performance statistics like with the Performance Tool for this scheduled microflow? (I.e. drilldown) regards, Fabian
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Hi Fabian,

At this moment you have two options to get more detailed information about this microflow:

Option 1:
In the Statistics Tool, set a trigger for a certain microflow. You can configure it so when a certain threshold get reached, this triggers a trap. This trap gives you more detailed information about the microflow. From this trap you can click the “To Performance Tool” button. The microflow will be processed in the performance tool and you will see detailed information .

Option 2:
Reproduce the issue in the Performance Tool.

At the moment we’re working on a new version of APM where it’s possible to get more detailed information directly from the Statistics Tool.