Mendix object cache for local applications

I'm trying to decrease the object cache usage for my application and I'm searching a method to see the amount of objects within the mendix cache for local running applications. Mendixcloud apps have the cache tab on the environment which shows this information, But I need to see this locally Analyzing a heap-dump doesn't help me so much also.   Did someone managed this and want to share this?    
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Hi Benjamin,

You can get this information using the Mendix monitoring API -

Using default settings you can fire a request to localhost:8090 with the following headers

X-M2EE-Authentication: 64encoded password
Content-Type: application/json

and  and the following body

{"action" : "cache_statistics", "params":{} }

Hope this helps,


PS: Also read this question which tells you how to set the M2EE password