Memory leak - Heap size and CMS Old Gen continues to increase until App crashes

Hello, We have recently made a change to call a heavy microflow asynchronously using a custom java action that is similar to community commons "executeMicroflowInBackground". The microflow retrieves the data from persistent entities and populates non-persistent entities so that the data can be exported into XML string and stored in a database.  After this change, we have seen continuous increase in memory and Old Gen space usage even though there are no objects in object Cache. We are using mendix run time statistics to monitor the object cache and the application is deployed on premises. How can I identify the microflow, code or object that is causing memory leak?  Thanks in advance.
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Might not be the same problem but Mendix solved a memory leak in 6.10.10. See the release notes:

Memoryleaks are hard to track. You could create a memory dump and analyze that. If you have not the knowledge, Mendix can do it for you but it would cost offcourse. Contact Expert Services for that route.