Long time period for export xml mapping and File Document download

Hi guys, I am currently using the export- xml mapping that has alot of processing going on. I have an issue trying to process over 6000 records in an excel that I'm importing from, and using that to do the export xml mapping function.  I would like to know how can i adjust any setting so that the browser can accommodate for the time it takes to process this export( including file document download). when i try 4000 records it takes about 25min to successfully complete (with file document download).  With 6000 records, the browser seems to hang and doesn't download the document. What can i do so that this hang or termination doesn't happen? and is there a file limit size on the file document function?   Regards, Mo
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I am not sure if this makes sense in your bussiness case, but perhaps you can do the file generation in the background, and provide a page where the user can see all the export requests he has issued, along with a status (running, completed, downloaded). Then the user also does not have to actively wait for the file to generate and can download them whenever he needs them.

just out of curiosity: How big is the file that you are downloading??



Can you share your microflow/model? There might be some optimization possibilities which can increase performance