Monitor microflows in AppDynamics

Objective: Track individual microflows as Business Transactions in AppDynamics. Current Approach (not working): First, I set up AppDynamics locally. Next, I configured a Business Transaction as follows: I am triggering microflows in my app, but the Business Transactions screen in AppDynamics is not showing any entries for my rule, "Microflows". Resources: A) B) (package: com.mendix.core; class: Core; method: execute) Resource A shows how to configure a Business Transaction for com.mendix.actionmanagement.CoreAction, and works as described. However, this Business Transaction does not show the microflow name, or microflows that execute when I click a button in the app. So, using Resource A as an example and Resource B for information about the runtime API, I built the Business Transaction above. There isn't anything that leads me to believe. that com.mendix.core.Core.execute() cannot be monitored the same way as com.mendix.actionmanagement.CoreAction.execute(). However, either that is the case or I am making incorrect assumptions. Can anyone provide information to help me better understand what's going on, or, a solution? Thanks!
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