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Hi there, I recently received a Mendix Alert saying that the Application node disk usage in % is above 80%. The documentation says the following about this:  5.3.3 Disk usage The disk usage graph shows only the disk usage inside the container. This is usually only relevant if your application creates a lot of temporary files in /tmp. This value is not the same as the file document storage. I am not quite sure on how to debug this. Does this mean that I create a lot of file documents that are not committed (and a a results end up in /tmp)?  What is the best approach to tackle this issue? Thanks! Tim UPDATE: This is the answer from Mendix support; Hello Tim, This is simply an automated alert letting you know that your Application has used up all of it's available File Storage space. You can either delete some of your Files (including file documents that are not committed), or you can purchase additional File Storage by contacting your CSM. Do you have any further questions about this information?  
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A way to solve it quickly is to restore the database on itself. So create backup, clean the environment and do a restore.

This will most of the time also free up tables in Postgres in tables where a lot of records are created and removed. So I think it is good practise to do this once and a while. It influances your uptime though.





This could be uploaded file for which the record in Mendix is not committed, but I suspect that you might have some java actions in your app that create temporary files that aren't cleaned up properly causing the error message to show up.


You can also measure this stuff yourself


        var process = new java.lang.ProcessBuilder(
        var is = process.getInputStream();
        var isr = new;
        var br = new;
        var line;
        var str_ret='';
        while ((line = br.readLine()) != null) {

Just point du to com.mendix.core.Core.getConfiguration().getTempPath().getAbsolutePath();