low cpu credit balance on cloud v4

Hi,   I just deployed my app for the very first time onto its production node on the cloud. About 30 minutes later I received an email alert with the following message   ‘This is an alert for a Mendix Cloud application that you are subscribed to.   Application:  ********* Environment:  Production UUID:         f83b5646-4e12-4184-bc0c-9fc87be07842 Url:          ******** Service:      database.cpucreditbalance Status:       Warning   Details: Application container f83b5646-4e12-4184-bc0c-9fc87be07842 - Instance Index: 0 has low cpu credit balance: 30.994002’   Is this anything to worry about? I was the only user logged in and I was just setting up some users within admin.
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Hello Phil,

This is an AWS credit warning – nothing to worry about. For some reason Mendix starts tracking it immediately on startup which I imagine will always prompt a warning.

In simple terms AWS manages CPUs as a cloud platform therefore it could be using some of your CPU for other Apps while you’re not using it in exchange for credits. Once your CPU hits maximum usage AWS converts those credits back into CPU power and you end up using CPU power from other apps in order to process data quicker – of course in exchange for credits.

Update: Extracted the CPU credits documentation from the discussion linked below: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSEC2/latest/UserGuide/burstable-credits-baseline-concepts.html – Thank you Pim

Hope this helps