Mendix crashes when renaming a button caption

Hello, Two things: Mendix keeps crashing everytime I would try to rename a button caption. Any idea why?  When I reopen the file, I keep getting this message:     Is this bad? Or something I can ignore? Thank you in advance!
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For editing the caption I suggest trying alternative ways of doing it – for example you can do it from the properties panel or double click on the button and edit the caption there. You should also check if your caption references any attributes, I imagine that could cause some problems if they’re no longer relevant.

  1. If you find corner cases like this where the modeler crashes you should raise a report with Mendix
  2. If your modeler crashed ignore this error – it believes your modeler is still open on the project 

Hope this helps


Thank you, Dragos. Using the properties panel works. However, now I’m having the same problem in other dialog windows (like below, where I clicked ‘edit’ to change the caption of a textbox)

I will submit a report like you suggested. Where do I do that?

In the meantime I guess I’ll keep using the properties panel whenever possible. But I’m pretty sure there will be times when this is unavoidable.