Mendix transactions in New relic

Hi  we have mendix applications deployed in kubernetes and enabled the new relic to monitor transaction level behaviours. But in new relic transactions  we can see  only the /RuntimeHandler and we can not deep down in to the detail level  of from what functionality that caused to this transaction.  Could you please explain the how to ge more details on the transaction  
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Mendix is not included in New Relic's supported automation frameworks.


By default, Java calls can be collected, but it seems that Mendix microflows are not collected, so it is difficult to analyze with NewRelic.
If you ask ChatGPT, you may be able to collect by adding a tracing code.
I gave up.


As a side note, the Java APM agent automatically enables browser monitoring.
However, Mendix is not supported and must be manually enabled.
If browser monitoring is not enabled, HTTP methods (GET, POS) will not be obtained and the service map will be incomplete.


・Enable browser monitoring manually
・Get snippet
・Add snippet to html file