Problem in microflow

Hi, I have this microflow… I am running it via the debugger Is there a reason why the ShowPage is being skipped I need to ask the user to input some values, and from those values continue the process with some other logic. Please advise, Thanks Daniel  
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The reason for this is that microflows always finish before any show page activity is actually sent to back to the client. A microflow can not be ‘interrupted’ during to ask some user feedback.

If you want to work around this you can split your microflow in 2 parts. 

The first part is your actual checks and processing. And when (and if) you need to ask the user for feedback. You can use a show page activity to show a manually created popup screen. Then have the user fill in the values on that popup screen.

You can have a second microflow which you can show on that popup page to continue the rest of your processing with the remainder of your activities.


 in the screen below, I would say on click run microflowPart2