When is the system text error: client error thrown?

Hi   We are facing a very annoying problem to debug: every first REST call of the day results in an error. The user gets the system text: error: client error on his screen. There are no errors in the log files.   When is this error thrown exactly? We can’t seem to figure out the cause of this problem.   Kind regards
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There is no text “client error” in the modeler or Eclipse. We will need a bit more to be able to help you. What you can do is try to narrow down the possible bug-sources:

  • Does this happen per user or once per system?
  • If the user gets this once, rerunning the same action does successfully call the REST?
  • Is it ANY RESTcall or a specific REST call?
  • Only on PROD or is it reproducible on ACCP?
  • Is it only happening from the browser or also from a curl-command?
  • Is any caching involved?



Thanks for the reply

My bad, I meant error: connection error. Here is some extra info

  • It happens roughly once per day. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't.
  • The REST call action completes but the user still gets the error message on screen (this means the data reaches the backend service) and rerunning the action results in a programmed exception flow.
  • It's 1 specific REST call, and it's not the first one called in the application
  • It's only PROD - It's actually a mobile hybrid app and we haven't been able to reproduce the problem in browser or curl
  • There shouldn't be any caching involved, where should I check this?