HELP! How can I display values in my Mendix app using Node Red?

Hello I’m new to Mendix and NodeRed and need help on a technical issue I’m facing. Basically I’m trying to create an app which displays environment values on Mendix from a node-red application. I’m thinking of using an REST API to retrieive my data and display it on Mendix. I’m using S7 to communicate with a Siemens IoT 2040 and LOGO! hardware – all of which works properly but I need to POST this data somewhere so Mendix can access the data.   If anyone has any other ideas on how this could be achieved please let me know, Thanks in advance
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Hey Gareth,


In NodeRed (as I am sure you are well aware) you can use either the inject node to post data to a Mendix app or a http request node to pull data from a Mendix app. In whihc ever direction you prefer in the Mendix application you can also publish a post API or consume a REST API.  See the following docs for more information: