How to set log levels during runtime in a custom Kubernetes (Linux) environment

Hi All, Just a quick and possibly simple question because I was not able to find anything about this in the documentation (hopefully I am just overlooking something). When running a Mendix application from a Windows machine, I am used to the ability to change the log level of all known log nodes during runtime. We are currently using the Mendix Docker Buildpack to deploy our app to a Kubernetes cluster. I know how to set the lognodes up-front (by setting the env LOGGING_CONFIG before starting the app), but it seems like changing this env during runtime does not change the logging behavior. Possibly, someone on the forum does have some experience with this. I would be happy to know more. Thanks in advance, Jeroen
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Hi Jeroen,


no experience with Docker/Kubernetes, but if you can open a SSH shell to the actual server you should be able to use the m2ee utility to adjust loglevels (see also

In addition, I came accross a blog post indicating that you can send an HTTP request to the admin port of the runtime in order to adjust loglevels ( Not sure if this still works in recent mendix versions though (the official documentation at does not mention the set_log_level as an allowed option)

Hope this helps!