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Access rigths on entities without attributes


Background info:
Sometimes you have a wrapper entity that is used to pass an associated list to a page (Webservice calls often create such wrapper entities).
If you want to show this associated list on the page, the user needs to have access rights on the wrapper object. As there are no attributes, it is not possible to add a read right to this entity. You can only give the permission to create or delete the entity. I don’t want to do this because the user should not be allowed to do such things. The best practice from mendix support is to create a dummy attribute that is only used to give some access right to the user. However, I think this is bad design.

The Idea:
Add the option to give a general “read” right to the entity itself without the need to give access rights on a specific attribute.

I reported this as a bug in security but mendix seems to be under the impression that it is a feature and my ticket is a change request. They told me to open an idea in this forum so that it can be picked up and implemented. Here it is.

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@Jelle Dekker I upvoted your idea too, I did not see that there is already an idea. i should tell mendix support :-)


Totally agree with you, I posted something similar last year: