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Export CM and IAM data for compliance


For a number of our clients, we need to prove that our management of the Mendix Applications is compliant to their policies. 

To show that our processes are compliant we need to be able to export certain information available in Mendix Sprintr.

To be concrete:

(1) All changes on production (backups, transport of new version, restart, etc).

(2) All mutations to project teams.

(3) All mutations in production access rights (backup, transport, alert, etc).

(4) Current status of project teams (memberwise, including production access rights)

Information (1) is available at project level in a paged form with 5 records at a time.

Information (2) is available at account level in a paged form for the account administrator.

Information (3) is as far as we know not available.

Information (4) is available on screen on a per project basis.

We would like to have all information available at both account and project level by means of an "Export to Excel" and API call.

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It would be very useful to be able to specify a start and end date, as the volume of this information can be quite big.