what would be the LoginLocation in deeplink module when Oauth authentication

Hi, I am using Oauth module and deeplink in my application.created link by using deeplink and notified that link to user by email. when user hits the url it works fine by using default login.html and it redirects the target form. but user not getting the target form when user signin through Oauth and its redirects home page. Can anyone help me,what should i give in LoginLocation default value in deeplink module when am using Oauth
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I think you’ll need to change the code for the OAuth module to make this compatible.

The OAuth module will redirect back to the login handler via a callback url, with the deeplink url you approach the app via <server>/link/<deeplinkdata>. As login is needed the redirect takes place to the OAuth provider, after succesful authentication the provider will redirect back to the standard requesthandler in in the process the original url used for the deeplink is lost. You’ll need to find a way to pass the callback url dynamically to the login requesthandler and then after succesful loginuse this data to redirect to the deeplink request handeler as you now have a valid session and the deeplink can be triggered.

This is not an option OOTB for the combination of these 2 modules.